Newsletter 24.04.2015

First Firing of the First 40 kW CraftEngine PowerPack!

Viking Heat Engines AS is pleased to announce that the very first 40 kW CraftEngine PowerPack had its first firing at AVL Schrick GmbH earlier this week.


Geir Robstad

“This is another huge technical milestone for our CraftEngine project”, says Geir Robstad, newly appointed CTO of Viking Heat Engines. “There have been only small adjustments and delivery issues on the way, but we are very pleased that the testing has now commenced and that the first unit works nicely. We are very much looking forward to receiving the first performance data within a few weeks”.


Dr. Tim Hamacher at AVL Schrick comments: “It has been a tough job to get all the suppliers to deliver the required high quality parts on a very tight time schedule, but we are happy to see that they all believe in what we are doing and that they have stepped up to the occasion and delivered great quality hardware.”


R&D Director of Viking Development Group Harald Nes Rislå further comments: “We have now finished the design of what we said would be the first version of an up-scaled CraftEngine some time ago. During the development, we have incorporated all our previous experience to make a best possible product with a longest possible lifetime. Such a development task demands a lot of skilled people, resources and time, and then it’s extra rewarding to see such a well-designed product come to life!”


Now starts a period with extensive and diverse testing of the entire system as well as on the detail level, where everything from operating parameters to safety functions will be thoroughly verified and adjusted to yield the best performance yet safe, autonomous and trouble-free operation.


“Now is the time when we are letting our newest product start to walk its first steps, these are exciting times!” says Tor Hodne, Managing Director of Viking Heat Engines. “Let the fun begin”!


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