Newsletter 17.06.2015

Norwegian Minister of Trade & Industry pays visit;

The Craft Engine PowerPack (40kWe) exceeds target specs

Norwegian Minister of Trade & Industry pays visit


On the 16th of June, Monica Mæland, the Norwegian Minister of Trade & Industry came  to see and learn from Viking Development Group at our Kristiansand head office. The visit was part of her tour to get feedback and input from the regional business community, with special focus on the need for Norwegian businesses to adapt to a new business climate with oil prices having dropped to their lowest level in six years.



The people at Viking Development Group gave the Minister a thorough presentation of both the CraftEngine and our other developments, including the general concept of being an Innovation House where capital and clever minds meet. In addition, we expressed our opinion that it’s imperative for the Norwegian supplier industry to shift its focus to renewable energy, in order for Norway to maintain an efficient and competitive energy industry, which is not only related to oil and gas. The region is ripe with outstanding talent and expertise, and this competence must be retained, utilized and not wasted in current cyclical downturn.  


Minister Mæland seemed to appreciate our input, and initiated a very constructive dialogue, including our views on the public support system for entrepreneurs in general, and specifically on the importance of helping Norwegian enterprises to “ride the green wave”. 


“We are proud to note that the Minister of Trade and Industry, chose to set off time in her busy schedule to seek out our views, and to be informed of the CraftEngine Technology and the work of Viking Development Group. This is a recognition of the significance of our Innovation House and efforts”, says Tore Hansen-Tangen, Chairman.



The CraftEngine PowerPack (40 kWe) exceeds target specs – 47,7 kW power production!


“Targeting a “40 kW unit” in the original specifications, we are very pleased to see that the unit actually exceeds that target, and with a good margin”, Managing Director Tor Hodne comments. “Seeing 47,7 kW on the display is VERY exciting and we can’t wait to get the first units out to selected customers this summer”.

After a month of commissioning, startup and introductory testing and tuning, the PowerPack entered into performance testing last week, and we will continue to run the unit under various boundary conditions in order to optimize and maximize the performance for our specific customer cases.


Tim Hamacher, Skill Area Manager of Energy Systems at AVL Schrick GmbH adds: “We are extremely pleased with the performance of the PowerPack. Not only does it run very smoothly and very silently, but the power output is also beyond our expectations, with more than 47 kW at the grid connection point”. Mr. Hamacher further explains:

  “The 47,7 kW is measured as the net power at the grid connection point, which means that all internal parasitic losses have already been subtracted. In other words, this is the electricity that can be used by the customer – or sold to the grid”.


Andreas Mück, Senior Program Manager Energy Systems at AVL Schrick GmbH, comments: “The results are simply fantastic. We know that the customer in some cases will need to run a dry cooler to supply the cooling for the condenser or some other external auxiliaries, but this will vary from case to case and we can’t make any generalized assumptions. In some cases there won’t be any of these external losses at all, so the grid connection power will indeed be the total system output”.



Harald Nes Rislå, R&D Director at Viking Development Group summarizes: “The PowerPack is now ready to enter into real market applications and I am very happy about the situation. In addition to the great performance, the system also has other extremely valuable selling points: First of all, the CraftEngine has excellent part-load performance, which means it can handle variations in temperature and heat input better than any other ORC system that I know of

. Secondly, the CraftEngine has the ability to use different working fluids very flexibly, which means that we can adapt the CraftEngine to any heat source. The CraftEngine is thus fully prepared for using the newest and most environmentally friendly working fluids available, which is very important now that new and stricter environmental regulations are coming into effect.


“And finally”, he continues, “looking more into the future, with the current PowerPack design, which is based on four expanders in parallel, we have the further possibility to design for example a three-expander or five-expander PowerPack with very little development efforts. This is a great advantage once we identify a high-volume application that does not fit 100% to the current system”.


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